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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ole Gudbrandsen: Birth: DEC 1787 in Nordstun Ruud, Hurdal.

  2. David Gulbrandsen: Birth: MAR 1789 in Nordstun Rud, Hurdal. Death: 1850 in Søstun Rørsud, Hurdal

  3. Gullik Gudbrandsen: Birth: NOV 1792 in Sand, Hurdal.

  4. Gullik Gulbrandsen: Birth: 1793 in Bjørnstad, Feiring.

  5. Mari Gudbrandsdatter: Birth: 1795 in Sand, Hurdal.

  6. Anne Katrine Gudbrandsdatter: Birth: 1795 in Sannæs, Hurdal.

  7. Else Katrine Gudbrandsdatter: Birth: APR 1797 in Sand, Hurdal.

  8. Isak Gudbrandsen: Birth: DEC 1799 in Sannæs, Hurdal.

  9. Nils Gudbrandsen: Birth: MAY 1802 in Sand, Hurdal.

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