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Johanne Paulsdatter: Death: 1799 in Finnbråten Berger, Eidsvoll
Julie Olava Paulsdatter: Birth: 12 JUN 1858 in Seteren, Ytterbygden, Enebak. Death: in Øvre Nordgaren Rustad, Hurdal
Jøran Paulsdatter: Birth: 1652. Death: 1726 in Dal 132-1, Steinsgård, Nannestad
Karen Paulsdatter: Birth: 1854 in Lunner.
Karen Paulsdatter: Birth: 07 NOV 1843 in Eidsvoll.. Konf i Nannestad i 1858.
Karen Paulsdatter: Birth: 04 NOV 1849 in Østby 91-1, Holter, Nannestad.
Karen Paulsdatter: Birth: 09 OCT 1832 in Frankes, Eidsvoll Verk, Eidsvoll. Death: 1918 in Øver-Jonsrud, Eidsvoll Verk, Eidsvoll
Karen Paulsdatter: Birth: 05 FEB 1828 in Nordmyren, Ullensaker. Konf 1841.
Karen Paulsdatter: Birth: 1820 in Haugseter, Ullensaker. Flyttet til Nannestad i 1847. Death: in Em. 1866
Karen Paulsdatter: Birth: 28 OCT 1832 in Vestre Arstun Hafstad 21-10, Nannestad. Death: 14 APR 1905 in Kirkeby, Hakadal
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: APR 1769 in Vassengen, Nannestad. Death: in Barnløse på Ukkestadeiet
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1778 in Vestgarn Siggerud, Eidsvoll.
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1794.
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1775. Death: 1802
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 23 JUN 1839 in Jevnaker.
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1829 in Skadsberget under Skytteren, Grue, Hedmark.
Kari Paulsdatter: Death: 1827 in Søgarn Jøndal, Eidsvoll
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1661 in Slattum 95, Holter, Nannetad. Death: AFT 1730 in Slattum 95, Holter, Nannetad
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1740 in Mitre Årstad, Nannestad.
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1707 in Røtnes, Bjerke, Nannestad. Death: in Sandsnesseter 139, Steinsgård, Nannestad
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 06 AUG 1798 in Erpestadstua, Holter, Nannestad.
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1665. Death: 1742 in Lille Røgler, Ullensaker
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 12 MAY 1768 in Nordgarn Vestre Engelstad, Nannestad. Death: AUG 1805 in Rus, Engelstad
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 18 MAR 1824 in Møllerstua Langerud, Nannestad. Death: in Em. i 1861
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1789 in Søndre Bjerke 152-4, Bjerke, Nannestad. Death: 21 JUN 1882 in Søndre Bjerke 152-4, Bjerke, Nannestad
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1725 in Dølieiet, Holter, Nannestad. Death: in Oslo
Kari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1757. Death: in Søndre Berger, Eidsvoll
Karoline Paulsdatter: Birth: 28 FEB 1858 in Snellingen, Jevnaker. Konf. i Nannestad i 1875.
Kirsti Paulsdatter: Birth: 1778 in Hadeland?. Death: 1855 in Fevik 93-6, Holter, Nannestad
Kirsti Paulsdatter: Birth: 1763 in Oppigarn Tori, 70, Gjerdrum.
Lina Paulsdatter: Birth: 1854 in Nordmyren, Ullensaker. Death: in Em. i mai 1869
Lisbet Paulsdatter: Birth: 27 MAR 1827 in Arstun Bjertnes, Nannestad. Death: 26 SEP 1910 in Dølen, Bjerke, Nannestad av lungebetennelse
Lisbet Paulsdatter: Birth: SEP 1759 in Vassengen, Nannestad. Death: 18 MAY 1820 in Homledalen, Nannestad
Lisbet Paulsdatter: Birth: 21 APR 1793 in Ilang i 1801; Søndre Bjerke 152-4, Bjerke, Nannestad. Death: AFT 1865 in Fattiglem på Østre Garder, Ullensaker
Louise Nikoline Paulsdatter: Birth: 02 JUN 1870 in Myrhaug 131-2, Stensgård, Nannestad. Death: 25 JAN 1961 in Sundby, Ullensaker
Maren Martine Paulsdatter: Birth: 11 JUN 1830 in Vestre Arstun Hafstad 21-10, Nannestad. Death: in Em. 1854
Maren Olava Paulsdatter: Birth: 29 NOV 1826 in Haugseter, Ullensaker. Konf i 1842 i Nannestad. Death: in Em. 1869 #171, 23. april med Albion til La Crosse
Maren Paulsdatter: Birth: 06 JAN 1846 in Berger, Eidsvoll. Konf.i Nannestad i 1860.
Maren Paulsdatter: Birth: 1699.
Maren Paulsdatter: Birth: in Haga. Death: 1780
Mari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1737 in Søndre Kopperud, Ullensaker.
Mari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1827 in Feiring. Death: 1905 in Korneliusplass, Eidsvoll
Mari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1765 in Oppigarn Tori, 70, Gjerdrum.
Mari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1666 in Stenset 130, Bjerke, Nannestad. Death: 1711 in Stenset 130, Bjerke, Nannestad
Mari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1742 in Mitre Årstad, Nannestad.
Mari Paulsdatter: Birth: JAN 1767 in Vassengen, Nannestad.
Mari Paulsdatter: Birth: 1715 in Lauum, Bjerke, Nannestad. Death: 1787
Maria Elisabet Paulsdatter: Birth: APR 1791 in Hurdal Glassværk. Death: 1862 in Hynne 17, Nannestad
Maria Paulsdatter: Birth: 1759.
Marie Paulsdatter: Birth: 10 APR 1851 in Toftnereiet, Bjerke, Nannestad.
Marie Paulsdatter: Birth: 1848 in Nedre Snellingen i Jevnaker.
Marie Paulsdatter: Birth: 1799 in Vang, Gjerdrum. Death: 1844 in Nordgarn Kjærstad, Holter, Nannestad
Marte Maria Paulsdatter: Birth: 12 DEC 1843 in Lerberg, Holter, Nannestad.
Marte Maria Paulsdatter: Birth: 21 AUG 1859 in Hynne 17, Nannestad. Death: 25 JAN 1884 in Hynne 17, Nannestad av tæring
Marte Maria Paulsdatter: Birth: 01 APR 1810 in Røgler, Ullensaker. Death: in Grova, Eidsvoll
Marte Marie Elise Paulsdatter: Birth: 24 FEB 1864 in Berger, Eidsvoll. Death: 17 DEC 1920 in Kopperud 145/1, Stensgård, Nannestad
Marte Paulsdatter: Birth: JUN 1757 in Vassengen, Nannestad. Death: 1821 in Homledalen, Nannestad
Marte Paulsdatter: Birth: 23 MAY 1840 in Eidsvoll.... Konf i Nannestad i 1855.
Marte Paulsdatter: Birth: 1800 in Eidshaug, Eidsvoll.
Marte Paulsdatter: Birth: JUL 1763 in Nordgarn Vestre Engelstad, Nannestad. Death: 1810 in Bjørkeik 89-13, Holter, Nannestad
Marte Paulsdatter: Birth: 1721 in Oppen, Kløfta, Ullensaker. Death: 1777 in Nafstad, Kløfta, Ullensaker
Marte Paulsdatter: Birth: 1762 in Sundbystua, Steinsgård, Nannestad.
Marte Paulsdatter: Birth: 1787.
Marte Paulsdatter: Birth: 1774 in Østre Smedstad, Eidsvoll. Death: 10 MAR 1863 in Svenskestuen Berger, Eidsvoll
Matilde Paulsdatter: Birth: 1865 in Søgarn Store-Finstad, Eidsvoll. Death: in Ung
Mina Birgitte Paulsdatter: Birth: 23 OCT 1844 in Frankens, Eidsvoll Verk, Eidsvoll. Death: 16 JUN 1927 in Jørns, Bråten, Eidsvoll Verk, Eidsvoll
Oliv Paulsdatter: Birth: 1742 in Rustad store, Løten.
Pauline Marie Paulsdatter: Birth: 1886 in Svindal, Våler, Østfold.
Ragnhild Marie Paulsdatter: Birth: 1813 in Feiring.
Rønnaug Paulsdatter: Birth: 1670 in Stenset 130, Bjerke, Nannestad. Death: JUN 1739 in Rudøde 29, Nannestad
Rønnaug Paulsdatter: Birth: 1752. Death: 1807 in Negarn Østre Dokken, Eidsvoll
Sofie Paulsdatter: Birth: 1861 in Nedre Snellingen i Jevnaker.
Sofie Paulsdatter: Birth: 02 MAR 1861 in Snellingen Jevnaker. Death: 02 FEB 1957 in Melbysetra, Nannestad
Thea Gustava Paulsdatter: Birth: 1842 in Østre Solberg, Skedsmo.
Thea Paulsdatter: Birth: 1860 in Holkebystua, Bjerke, Nannestad. Death: 1863 in Holkebystua, Bjerke, Nannestad
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Agaton Paulsen: Birth: 1858 in Søgarn Store-Finstad, Eidsvoll. Death: in USA
Al Ferdinand Paulsen: Birth: 08 OCT 1892.
Alf Paulsen: Birth: ABT 1720 in Nordby, Kisa, Ullensaker.
Anders Paulsen: Birth: 1776 in Østigarn Nordre Heni, Gjerdrum.
Anders Paulsen: Birth: 1809 in Dokkenmoen, Feiring. Death: AFT 1875 in Rynes, Langset, Eidsvoll
Anders Paulsen: Death: BEF 1865
Anders Paulsen: Birth: 1734 in Øvre Sundby 141-1, Stensgård, Nannestad. Death: in Øvre Sundby 141-1, Stensgård, Nannestad
Anders Paulsen: Birth: 02 SEP 1759 in Funni, Nes. Death: 27 JUL 1828 in Kjus, Nes
Anders Paulsen: Birth: 22 NOV 1821 in Nedre Sæter, Sør-Odal. Death: 13 JUL 1825 in Nes
Andreas Edvard Paulsen: Birth: 23 JAN 1840 in Oslo. Konf i Nannestad i 1855. Death: in Em. 1869 #89, 23. april med Albion til Prarie De Chia

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