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  2. Eleanor Lynn Alley: Birth: 12 Jun 1942 in Parkersburg, Wood Co., WV. Death: 28 Aug 2008 in Wauchula, Hardee Co., FL

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a. Note:   See the page for Lawrence E. Alley, Sr. for the places that Lawrence, Jr. lived before attending Salem College in Salem, WV. In College he sang in the Glee Club and in Quartets. He also sang on the radio at times. One story he told about singing on the radio was when he forgot the words to the song he just made up words as he sang. It was, of course, live at that time; he couldn't stop. Afterwards, the pianist asked him where those words came from. Lawrence continued to sing in church the rest of his life. The family has a recording of him singing with his granddaughter, Sue, playing the organ.
 Lawrence was in the Boy Scouts. He and his friend Wilbur Stutler were into building radios. He talked about listening to a strong station in Clearwater, Florida, the place he and Mary liked best on their honeymoon. They returned to Clearwater in April of 1939 for a vacation and the family eventually moved there. During the depression he worked in a grocery store in Salem. After college he joined his father in his glass business at the Alley Agate Company.. Lawrence enjoyed hunting and fishing; photography was also his hobby. He built a dark room in the basement in St. Marys and developed his own pictures. Later, when we built the house on Woodcrest Ave. in Clearwater, Florida, he designed the garage long enough for a dark room at the end. There he set up for color print developing.
 Lawrence and Mary Wrick knew each other in Salem High School, but did not date until their later college years. They were the same age, but Mary was a year ahead of him because she had skipped the second grade. From remarks my father made I got the impression that Mary Wrick was a popular girl. They were married at the Bond residence in Smithburg. If there were any wedding pictures they were lost in the record breaking Flood of 1950. They drove to Florida for their honeymoon, all the way on US19. Their first had an apartment on Second Street in St. Marys, WV, then moved to 407 Forth Street. They lived there when their 3 children were born.
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 Lawrence got ungulant fever, which usually comes from unpasteurized milk, and the doctors recommended that he move to a warmer climate. Not long after this Lawrence Sr. was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Lawrence, Jr. and his family moved to Clearwater, Florida in the fall of 1948, where he bought the Harbison Supply Company. The name was later changed to Clearwater Hardware Company. They had looked for a hardware store in other parts of Florida. One store in Coco Beach looked attractive until the realtor killed the sale by saying that business would really be good if the store was open on Sundays. This was not an option for Lawrence. In June 1949 they finalized the sale of the glass plant.
 The store in Clearwater brought in a good income for the family for many years. Eventually, local contractors started buying directly from the wholesalers and discount department stores took a good portion of the homeowner business. He moved the store to a smaller building where the rent was less for a few years and also started a second store on the north side of town, which was managed by a cousin Ralph Kimberly. Later he sold the stock to another store and worked for them. Lawrence and Mary had both received teaching degrees at Salem College. They came to Boston MA, and lived with Lawrence, III. This was before his marriage to Ellie. Lawrence and Mary took courses at Boston University and renewed their teaching certificates. They taught special education classes in the Pinellas County School system.
 After teaching for a few years Mary slipped on a highly waxed floor at school and broke a hip. She ended up having a hip replacement. The insurance money from this accident gave them enough money to purchase a cabin on Sebeck Lake in Maine near where their son Joe lived. They lived there in the summer and in Clearwater in the winter. Lawrence had a nice motor boat which he used in Florida and brought north for traveling around the lake and for fishing.
  "St. Marys Oracle" -- St. Marys, WV, 13 Feb 1991
  LAWRENCE E. ALLEY, II, 28 Jan 1991
  "Lawrence E. Alley, son of the late Lawrence E. and Bertha L. Alley, and a former resident of St. Marys, died Jan. 28 at the Highland Pines (unreadable), Clearwater, FL. He had been ill for an extended time with Alzheimer's Disease.
  "He was born in Williamstown July 24, 1913. He lived most of his life in West Virginia, moving to Clearwater, FL in 1946 where he taught in schools for exceptional children. He was a graduate of Salem High School and Salem College. He received his master's degree from Boston College in Boston, MA." ÙCiÙD(It was Boston University)
 "He is survived by his wife, Mary Bond Alley, whom he married in 1937. He is also survived by two sons, Lawrence Alley, III and Dr. Joseph B. Alley, both of Boston, MA; and a daughter, Eleanor Lynn Alley of Clearwater; a grandson and two granddaughters." ÙCiÙD(It was Mary Wrick Alley daughter of Grace Bond Wrick)
 "He is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Eleanor A. Belt of Stuart, FL, and Mrs. Naomi A. Sellers of St. Marys."
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