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 Frank Ozment /Baker/
B: 4 JUL 1917
P: Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., Ark.
M: 23 NOV 1941
P: Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas
D: 1 FEB 1997
P: Harris Co., Texas

 Ruby Dona /Sizemore/
B: 26 DEC 1919
P: Muskogee, Okla.
D: FEB 2017
P: Galveston, Texas

 Silas Leonard /Baker/
B: 10 JAN 1891
P: Rudy, Crawford Co., Ark.
M: 6 AUG 1912
P: Sebastian Co., Ark.
D: 15 JUL 1963
P: Norton, Norton Co., Kansas

 Willie Wood /Fraser/
B: 1 JAN 1895
P: Ark.
D: 5 AUG 1984
P: Muskogee, Okla.

 Jesse /Sizemore/
B: 18 SEP 1892
P: Sallisaw, Sequoyah Co., Okla.
M: 21 DEC 1913
P: Ketchum, Craig Co., Okla.
D: 24 AUG 1971
P: Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas

 Nellie /Renard/
B: 28 JAN 1899
P: Afton, Okla. (Indian Terr.)
D: 26 MAR 1989
P: Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas

 Lee Andrew Dawson /Baker/
B: 22 FEB 1872
P: Gentry, Benton Co., Ark.
M: 4 JUL 1889
P: Crawford Co., Ark.
D: 2 JUL 1953
P: Shidler, Osage Co., Okla.
 Hattie /Sharmnaul/
B: 1873
P: La.
D: 5 OCT 1892
P: Crawford Co., Ark.
 John Andrew Jackson /Fraser/
B: 2 MAR 1864
P: Marion, Williamson Co., Ill.
M: 5 NOV 1893
P: Union Co., Ark.
D: 29 JAN 1944
P: Crawford Co., Kansas
 Julia Ellen /Eady/
B: 4 FEB 1875
P: Blue Mountain, Stone Co., Ark.
D: 5 FEB 1966
P: Pittsburg, Crawford Co., Ks.
 James Richard /Sizemore/
B: 2 JUL 1865
P: Fayetteville, Washington Co., Ark.
M: 11 APR 1886
P: Washington Co., Ark.
D: 9 JAN 1928
P: Siloam Springs, Benton Co., Ark.
 Alice Wilmeth /Cook/
B: 16 AUG 1867
P: Greene Co., Missouri
D: 28 NOV 1913
P: Craig Co., Okla.
 William Theodore /Renard/
B: 28 MAR 1875
P: Vermilion Co., Ill.
M: 31 JAN 1898
P: Afton, Indian Terr., Okla.
D: 26 FEB 1953
P: Craig Co., Okla.
 Mattie Jane /McGraw/
B: 18 OCT 1877
P: Missouri
D: 15 JUN 1957
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