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Marriage: Children:
  1. Arthur Jack Hoke: Birth: 30 MAY 1915 in 20 Rosetta Rd., Milton, Portsmouth, Hants., England.. Death: 14 OCT 1984 in Elizabeth South, Adelaide, S. Australia

1. Title:   NY City Marriage Registry Office, NY City Marriage Application #29600
2. Title:   Photo of <i></i>, passenger list arrivals quebec october1915, <i></i> (: accessed ), [Instructions].
Text:   Ship: SS MISSANABIE Official Number: 136705
 Master's name: G C Evans
 Steamship Line: Canadian Pacific Railway Atlantic
 Departure: Liverpool, 29 October 1915
 Where bound: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
 Registered tonnage: 7727
 Passengers on voyage: 323
 Passenger Arrivals Transcript Details page 6 of 16:
 Name: Mrs. E. L. Hoke, Female, Married, Age 36, Born 1879. Ticket No. 222885, Class: 3rd.
 Name: Arthur J. Hoke, Male, Single, Child, Age 4 Months, Born 1915, Ticket No. 222885, Class: 3rd.
3. Title:   City Hall, City of New York, New York County, NY, USA., Marriage Certificate #29600
Page:   No. 29600

a. Note:   Notes re: Grandfather Arthur Jack Hoke. Little is known about Grandfather and his life or origins.
 Family verbal history states that he was a Telegraph or Telephone Engineer.
 NY Marriage Affidavit of 1913 records his occupation as 'Electrician'.
 British Birth Certificate of his Son (A.J. 1915) lists his fathers occupation as "Electrician, Cable Works".
 Ships Passenger Manifest of the Missanabie states Husband's Occupation as "Electrical Linesman".
 British Death Certificate of Wife [June 21, 1962] lists her husbands occupation as "Overhead Linesman, Electrical Co."
  The 1913 NYC Marriage Licence Application Affidavit #A29600 Record states:-
 Groom Name: Arthur John HOKE. Age: 25 years. Occupation: Electrician.
 Place of Birth: Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Name of Father: George HOKE. Name of Mother: Carrie BURK.
 Resident Address: The American Hotel, Whitehall, NY.
 Bride Name: Emily Louisa Adams. Age: 25. No Occupation.
 Place of Birth: Gosport, Hants., England. Name of Father: Donald William Scott Adams. Name of Mother: Mary Pardy.
 Resident Address: 9 State Street, NY.
  NOTE: The NYC Marriage application of 1913 states both Bride & Groom as being 'Age: 25', and assumed to possibly mean that both were 'over 25'. Grandmother was born 1879, and thus actually 34 at date of marriage. Assume it to be unlikely that he was 9 years her junior, but possible. From this assume Grandfathers year of birth as 1875-1888.
  Family oral tradition is that the name Arthur Jack has been handed down from first-born son to first-born son for many generations, but discovery that his fathers name was George has disproved this. From the above Marriage Application it appears that he was actually Arthur John, the 'Jack' being his preferred 'aka'.
  There are two verbal accounts of their original meeting and marriage:-
 (i) that they originally met in Montreal, and went to New York City for their Marriage and Honeymoon, subsequently returning to Montreal for a period. New York being chosen as he had relatives there, and to take her to the Worlds Fair, which Grandmother described to her grandsons in detail, and kept momentoes of, until her death.
 (ii) that he and Grandmother met in New York, while she, as an aspiring Actress/Singer, was employed in a Hotel. This account most closely fits the facts, as from their Marriage Certificate, he was a Guest/Resident of the American Hotel, Whitehall St., New York, NY, and she lived/roomed at 9 State Street, New York, NY.
  Subsequent to their marriage, the couple are said to have lived for various periods in New York, Montreal (Quebec), Winnipeg (Manitoba), Ottawa (Ontario), and Toronto (Ontario).
  A surviving photograph reputed to be of Grandfather, shows a well dressed man aged 30-40, with a prosperous self-confidant appearance.
 Printed on the rear of the photo is "Queen Photo, 59 Queen Street West, Opposite City Hall, Toronto". This 'photo is assumed to have been taken 1913-1918.
 A second photo found in Grandmother's Trunk after her death, of 3 men in what appeared to be a Hay Field, my father recalled his mother as saying was of Grandfather and his cousins 'Irvin & Earl' taken on a visit to a Farm in 'Upper New York" in 1914.
  Grandmother rarely spoke of him, but what she did say painted a picture of a brash personality, given to excess in purchase of Suits and Hats, enjoyed the Theatre, and in her opinion sometimes took a drink too many. This may be a reflection on Grandmothers austere Protestant upbringing, and the feminine attitude to Alcohol of that period.
 From what she told her Daughter-in-law Grace, the marriage was not entirely a happy one, as he was away for long periods with his work, and though a successful provider, he may have been something of a spendthrift, in that he is reputed to have spent everything as fast as he earned it.
 On the one occasion that Grandmother spoke of Grandfather at any length, she said that he came from a "big old family" who had originated in what she remembered as 'Atehoc', that they were Lutheran ("no Papist Pomp there!") and at least one had been a Minister of the Church, while others had been Judges and Generals, and "quite famous in their day".
  He is reputed to have been killed in a Cinema Fire, but this is unconfirmed. Estimate date of Death as 1915-1919 if death premature, to 1960 if natural.
 No Record of his death has been found in US SSI Records, 1937-1995, and thus it is assumed he must have died before 1937 or outside of the US.
 [NB: The Laurier Palace Theatre fire, occurred January 9,1927 in Montreal, Canada. The fire started in early afternoon during a comedy called "Get em Young". 800 children came to watch, and panic erupted when smoke began to billow into the theater. 78 fatalities, 77 children, 1 unknown adult - no obit list.]
 Individual: Hoke, Arthur. Birth date: Sep 16, 1879. Birth place: PA, Family Archive CD#110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 9, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Dec 9, 2001, Internal Ref. #
 Individual: Hoke, Arthur. Social Security #: 205-09-4444. Issued in: Pennsylvania. Birth date: Sep 16, 1879. Death date: Mar 1955. Last residence ZIP: 15906
 1880 Federal Census
 A.J. Hoke, age:55, b:1825 Kentucky, Head, Wife:Sarah J., resident Dover, Vernon Co., Missouri
 Arther Hoke, age:12, b:1868, resident Chapman, Clinton Co., Pennsylvania, Father: Cornelous, Mother: Susen
 Arthur Hoke, age:7, b:1873, resident Hannibal, Marion Co., Missouri
 Arthur Hoke, age:3, b:1877, resident Cornwall, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania, Father: Uriah, Mother: Lizzie
 Arthur Hoke, age:2, b:1878, resident Clarence, Erie Co., New York Father: Andrew A., Mother: Sarah
  1910 Federal Census
 Name: Arthur J Hoke
 Age in 1910: 22
 Estimated birth year: abt 1888
 Birthplace: Pennsylvania
 Relation to Head of House: Son
 Father's name: Charles F
 Father's Birth Place: Pennsylvania
 Mother's name: Sarah F
 Mother's Birth Place: Pennsylvania
 Home in 1910: Pottsville Ward 5, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
 Marital Status: Single
 Race: White
 Gender: Male
  Household Members: Name Age
 Charles F Hoke 49
 Sarah F Hoke 47
 Arthur J Hoke 22
 Edwin C Hoke 20
 Frances C Hoke 6
 Olive M Hoke 24
 Clyde R Hoke 5/12
b. Note:   From NYC Marriage Affidavit Nov 1913 Groom Age: 25, born Johnstown PA
 DOB: 1888
 Bride Age: 25, born Gosport, Hants., England.
 DOB: Known to be 1979
 Possible Affidavit 'Age' infers both are over 25.
c. Note:   No Death Record in US Social Security. US Social Security begins 1837.
 If Death in US prior to 1837.
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