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Marriage: Children:
  1. Arthur Jack Hoke: Birth: 30 MAY 1915 in 20 Rosetta Rd., Milton, Portsmouth, Hants., England.. Death: 14 OCT 1984 in Elizabeth South, Adelaide, S. Australia

1. Title:   Hampshire Birth Marriage & Death Records., Emily Louise Adams Birth Certificate
2. Title:   Hampshire Birth, Marriage & Death Records, Emily Louise (Adams) Hoke Death Certificate
3. Title:   City Hall, City of New York, New York County, NY, USA., Marriage Certificate #29600
Page:   No. 29600

a. Note:   Notes re: Grandmother Emily Louisa Adams Hoke. Born: 22 April 1879, 63 Fleet St., Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants., England.
 Per FreeBMD, Births recorded Apr-Jun 1879,
 Adams Emily Louisa, [GRO Ref. Portsea vol. 2b page 512], see Birth Certificate on file.
  1900. From early childhood, Grandmother had an aptitude for Song and Dance, and as a young woman had an ardent desire to pursue a career in the Theatre. The idea of a daughter "in the Theatre" was not well received by her Parents, and lead to a rift when she left home to try her luck in London.
  Assumed 1895-1900, as she is not listed among Household Members in the 1901 Census.
  1898 Migrants to Canada - Emily L. Adams, arrived 1898 Montreal, Canada - possible match - not confirmed.
  1901 Census Portsmouth: Not listed in Household.
  1901 Census of Ontario, Emily L. Adams, Record #188781, Resident in Toronto - possible match - not confirmed.
  1901 Census of England & Wales, (date:31 Mar 1901), Emily L. Adams, age 21, Servant, born 1880 Southsea, Hampshire, Resident in Household registration district: Dover, sub-district: St James, ecclesiastical parish: St James The Apostle, civil parish: Dover, county: Kent.
  ***1903 US Passenger Arrivals - New York City Passenger Lists:
 E.L. Adams, Female, Age:23y 11m, Birth Yr: 1879, Nationality: English, Res/Depart Port: London, Arrival Yr:1903, Port: New York, Ship:Mesaba.
  1905. Verbal history that Grandmother left England to go to New York (1903-1905) in search of fame and fortune. She apparently had some minor success, but had to support herself by working "in service" as a maid in various Hotels between engagements. From memory of her stories, she had worked in various Hotels in New York, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal & Toronto, until 1913 when she met and married Grandfather.
  1913 Marriage. Verbal memory says they met in Montreal, and lived for various periods in both Canada and the USA.
 The NYC Marriage Application Records #A29600 of 1913 states:-
 Groom Name: Arthur John HOKE. Age: 25 years. Occupation: Electrician.
 Place of Birth: Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Name of Father: George HOKE. Name of Mother: Carrie BURK.
 Bride Name: Emily Louisa Adams. Age: 25. No Occupation.
 Place of Birth: Gosport, Hants., England. Name of Father: Donald William Scott Adams. Name of Mother: Mary Pardy.
  The NYC Marriage application of 1913 states both Bride & Groom as being 'Age: 25', and assumed to possibly mean that both were 'over 25'.
 Grandmother was actually 34, and one wonders if Grandpa was younger - could this be the reason they parted?
 She said little of her marriage to Grandfather, and would often become silent and distant or upset and tearful, when questioned about him by an inquisitive Grandson.
 But sometimes impulsively came out with things like "Lands Sakes! That man was a Pistol! Such a high stepper! He would go off for weeks on end, and then blow the whole bundle on Gew-gaws. One time he wanted a new hat, and stap me if he did'nt up and buy three! Another time he wanted a new suit, and he up and bought two! And he was the very devil if he got into the liquor!"
  1915. Birth of son Arthur Jack Hoke, recorded in Portsmouth 30 May 1915.
 Grandmother was 36 years of age, and verbal memory of her Daughter-in-law Gracia was that she once stated that she had lost 2 previous children, presumeably by miscarriage or still-born.
  Per ( :
 Search of 1915 BOT Outbound Passenger Records England to Canada; British Board of Trade Ref: BT27_086300000593P0006F
 Archives of Canada - Passenger Arrivals Manifests; CDN Library and Archives Canada Reference: RG 76 Microfilm:T-4815.
  Search of 1915 Outbound Passenger Records England to Canada ( shows:
 PASSENGER LIST - Ref: BT27_086300000593P0006F:
 3. CLASS: 3RD.
  Archives of Canada - Passenger Arrivals Manifests.
 CDN Library and Archives Canada Reference: RG 76 Microfilm:T-4815.
 Passenger List: SS Missanabie, Canadian Pacific Railway Atlantic Steamship Line.
 Depart: Liverpool, England; 29 October 1915
 Arrived Quebec: 1915-11-07 (7 November 1915) at 9.40 am.
 Disembark: 12.45 pm, Saloon: 0, Cabin: 169, Steerage: 345, Total: 514, No. held in Quarantine: 3 Steerage.
 Per page 6 of 16: 3rd Class Ticket #: 222885.
 HOKE, E. L., Adult Female, Age 36, departed Liverpool 29 Oct. 1915, destination Quebec, Canada.
 HOKE, Arthur J., Infant Male, Age: 4 Months, departed Liverpool 29 Oct. 1915, destination Quebec, Canada.
  1917-1918. Verbal history says Grandfather died in a Cinema Fire, but there is no recorded date or place, and it may be that they separated some time between 1917 and 1918.
  1918-1919. From correspondence with Woodstock Hospital, she was employed by St. Hilda's School, 12 Chestnut St., St. Catherines, Ontario prior to January 1919 when this school closed.
  1919-1922. Personel files of the Ontario Hospital in Woodstock, Ontario, [Ontario Hospital, P.O.310, Woodstock, ONT., CAN] record her as being employed as a Cook from 26 March 1919 to 22 October 1922. Records show her as being aged 35, married, 'Widow with Son', Religion 'Church of England', and indicate that she left mid Oct. 1922 to return to Britain.
 Subsequent letter in file dated 8 April 1924 requesting a reference shows her address as 98 Lawson Rd., Portsmouth.
  1922. England Incoming Passenger Lists show both an Emily Hoke (Aged:43) & Arthur Hoke (Aged: 7) departing Montreal, Que., Oct. 1922 on the Cdn. Pacific Line Ship Minnedosa, Ticket Ref:142717, and arriving Southampton 4 Nov. 1922. On her return to Britain, she appears to have lived with her Brother Robert at their parents old home at 98 Lawson Rd. Copnor. Robert appears to have inherited and continued to live in this property after their death. Grandmother appears to have bought property on Rennie Rd., Copnor, around 1925, and lived there for a period before buying her last home at 56 Whitworth Rd., where she lived until her death. The rents from Rennie Rd. being her income, apart from any England Government pension.
  1948. Grandmother adopted a Cat named Mickey, and from that time on she was known to her Grandsons as "Mickey Granny" to differentiate her from Grandmother Tallack. This name stuck long after the demise of Mickey the cat.
 Following the years spent in N. America, she developed and retained an "American" accent and idiom of speech, typical of which was "go to the Store and get my Ration", rather than " go to the shop and buy Groceries", and "Lands sakes!" when surprised.
 She was well read, had a very retentive memory, and was the favourite of her Grandsons due to her nature and novel speech, plus her ability to keep them entertained for hours with her stories. These were often made-up on the spur of the moment, or verbal concatenations of books she had read, plus memories of her early years with her Sister Alice and brother Robert, the fun she had while working in Theatres and Hotels in London, New York, Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg, various Beaus before her marriage, visiting the Worlds Fair in New York, her experiences in N. America, and of their father as a child.
 While living in N. America she had absorbed a great deal of N. American Indian lore, and told great stories of the Mohawk, Cayuga, Ticonderoga, Seneca & Onondaga tribes of the Iroqois, as well as explaining the construction and use of things like the Tepee and Travois.
  From her stories, the Adams family was an old and fairly large family, originating in the New Forest Area, with various members working in Shipbuilding, and later in a family Cabinet & Furniture making business. A possible Ancestor, Henry Adams of Bucklers Hard, was a Master Shipwright, and in 1781 built HMS Agamemnon, which in 1793 became the first command of Captain Horatio Nelson, later to become Admiral Lord Nelson of Trafalgar fame. Henry Adams also built HMS Euryalus and HMS Swiftsure (all three of which served at Trafalgar), completing the latter at the age of 91, a year before he died. This is unproven, but assumed to be basis of her stories re shipbuilding history, Ships and Battles of the British Navy, and Clipper Ships sailing around the Horn.
  1956-1957. She was an active and independant Lady right up to her death, and a loving Mother and Grandmother. Her last house at 56 Whitworth Rd. had been damaged by bomb-blast during the 1939-45 War, and poorly patched-up by post-war government contractors. The walls had a tendency to develop cracks as the foundations had been poorly shored-up in the re-construction, which she often fixed-up herself. I remember walking into her house as a teenager (approx. 1956-7), to find her up on top of a stepladder in the front parlour, fixing a crack that had developed in the chimney breast, and on another occasion finding her in the backyard repairing cracks in a listing garden wall.
  1962. In early June 1962, she was taken ill at her home in 56 Whitworth Rd., Copnor, Portsmouth, Hants., U.K. She had a deep rooted fear of being placed in an 'Institution', and resisted attempts to allow family to have her taken to a Hospital. Though this was obviously the best course, no-one had the heart to force her, and a round-the-clock vigil began between the visiting Nurse, Dad, Cie and myself. The last time I saw her alive was the Saturday afternoon before her death, when I stood watch.
 It was during this period, as she drifted in and out of sleep, that she suddenly awoke and sat up, with a sharp cry of "Jack?" Her gaze was fixed at the end of her bed, and for a moment I was unsure if she was refering to Grandpa or Dad. I had an eerie sensation that she was about to go, and had to coax her into lying down and allowing me to pull the covers up over her shoulders. Thinking she may have been dreaming of Grandpa, I asked "did you think I was Grandpa?" She was silent for some time, then said "I kept my virginity until marriage", and some moments later said "he was not a bad man Dearie, it was just his way".
 A few moments later she turned her head to me and said "Its time Dearie! I've had enough".
  A few days later it became obvious that she was slipping away, and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hants., U.K. She appeared to rally after a few days, and on the afternoon of June 21st, sat up to eat Strawberries and Cream fed to her by her Grand-daughter-in-law, but slipped away about 7.30 that evening.
 As she said during our last conversation 4-5 days before, she had 'had enough', and was ready to go. She was 83 yrs of age.
  NB: The family had always believed that she had been born in 1883, and was thus 79 at death, but the Undertaker checked and found she was born in 1879. She had either forgotten or fibbed about her age all those years.
  Deaths Jun 1962
 HOKE Emily L 83 Portsmouth 6b 542
  A.J.Hoke, III.

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