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a. Note:   Births Jun 1942 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Hoke Robert F Tallack Portsmouth 2b 855
  Deaths Sep 1951
 HOKE Robert F 9 Portsmouth 6b 295
  Robert Franklin Hoke.
 Born: 4 Jun 1942, Chatsworth Ave., Cosham, Portsmouth.
 Died: 4 Jul 1951, Portsmouth.
  July 4, 1951 was officially designated as Paulsgrove Secondary Modern School Sports Day, and students were not required to attend Roll-call. Like many students who were not actively participating in the actual sports events, we decided to play "hookey", and explore the "caves" we had heard of in Wymering Chalk Pit. Present were Terry Daniels, Willie Gauntlet, Alan Wylie, Jack & Bobby Hoke.
 These "caves" were really an abondoned underground tunnel system constructed early in the 1939-45 War in Portsdown and Wymering Chalk Pits, for use as Wartime Emergeny Hospitals. Dug into the base of the hill, the tunnel system extended approx. half a mile underground, with vertical Airshafts up to the surface at intervals. Though sealed-off at the end of the War, the tunnel and hospital ward system were still intact, even to the rows of Iron Bedsteads in some of the Wards.
 Having explored some of the tunnels and found them to be largely dank and unexciting, we decided to climb up the steel ladder of an Airshaft. Each ladder was approx. 30 ft. long, terminating in a concrete slab attached to the wall of the shaft, and forming a landing for the begining of the next section of ladder. On reaching the top, we found ourselves to be inside one of the small brick buildings on the hillside, that up to then we had always thought of as Machine-gun Posts from the War.
 At approximately 2.30pm, while descending from this climb, Bobby either missed his footing on the wet iron rungs, or mis-calculated the distance below him to the third landing, as he dropped some 3-4 ft. to the landing, overbalanced, and fell the remaining 90 ft., striking the landings below.
 He suffered severe concussion and internal injuries, and died in the Portsmouth North End Hospital at 7.25pm that night.
 He is buried in Kingston Cemetary, Portsmouth, Hants., England.
b. Note:   <b>Births Jun 1942 </b>Hoke, Robert F. Mother: Tallack
 <u><i>Portsmouth</i></u> vol. 2b<u> page 855</u>
c. Note:   <b>Deaths Sep 1951 </b>HOKE, Robert F. Age: 9
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