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Marriage: Children:
  1. Cordelia Ruth Graves: Birth: 11 Apr 1912 in Livingston, Kentucky, USA. Death: 17 Oct 1992 in Dearborn, Wayne, Michigan

  2. Avanell Groves: Birth: January 31, 1914 in Livingston County, Kentucky. Death: November 27, 2000 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, United States

  3. Sallie Lucille Graves: Birth: July 13, 1915 in Livingston County, Kentucky. Death: November 23, 2001 in Taylor, Wayne, Michigan

  4. John Connor Graves: Birth: 15 Apr 1917 in Smithland, Livingston Co., Kentucky. Death: 22 Apr 2008 in Rock Hill, York, South Carolina, USA

1. Title:   Ancestry Family Trees
Page:   Ancestry Family Tree
Publication:   Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members.
2. Title:   1920 United States Federal Census
Page:   Year: 1920; Census Place: Paducah, McCracken, Kentucky; Roll: T625_588; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 140
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