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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Reynolds: Birth: 1748 in Nansmund, Virginia, United States. Death: 1802 in Virginia, United States

  2. Spencer Reynolds: Birth: 1749 in Henry, Virginia, United States. Death: 1830 in Williamson, Williamson, Tennessee, United States

  3. Richard Reynolds: Birth: 27 Sep 1749 in Carolina, Carolina, Puerto Rico, United States. Death: 6 Apr 1759 in Wilkes, Georgia, United States

  4. James Reynolds: Birth: 1750 in Stafford, Stafford, Virginia, United States. Death: 1807 in Giles, Tennessee, United States

  5. George Moses Reynolds: Birth: 1750 in Pittsylvania, United States. Death: June 1832 in Williamson, TN

  6. Thomas Reynolds: Birth: 1752 in Albemarle, Virginia, United States. Death: 1801 in Fayette, Fayette, Kentucky, United States

  7. Jesse David Reynolds: Birth: 1754 in Albermarle, Virginia, United States. Death: 22 Apr 1836 in Lynchburg, Campbell, Virginia, United States

  8. Henry D Reynolds: Birth: 1757 in Sussex, Sussex, Virginia, United States. Death: 1835 in Green, Tennessee, United States

  9. Isaac Reynolds: Birth: 1760 in Albemarle, Virginia, United States. Death: 1780 in Fleming, Kentucky, United States

  10. David Reynolds: Birth: 1762.

  11. Nathaniel Reynolds: Birth: 25 Nov 1762 in King William, King William, Virginia, United States. Death: May 1844 in Stephensburg, Hardin, Kentucky, United States

  12. Bernard Jerome Reynolds: Birth: 12 Nov 1763 in Caroline, Virginia, United States. Death: 23 Jan 1833 in Russell, Virginia, United States

  13. Robert Reynolds: Birth: 1764 in Virginia, United States.

  14. Millenton Reynolds: Birth: 1764.

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