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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Mary Kealy: Birth: 5 Jul 1904 in Prosser,Nebraska. Death: 4 Sep 1989 in Good Samaritan Village,Hastings,Nebraska

  2. Thomas Mitchell Kealy: Birth: 24 Dec 1905 in Prosser,Nebraska. Death: 16 May 1996 in Lincoln,Lancaster Co.,Nebraska

  3. Florence Adeline Kealy: Birth: 2 Oct 1907 in Hastings,Nebraska. Death: 23 Jul 1988 in Hastings,Nebraska

  4. Richard John ``Dick'' Kealy: Birth: 1 Jul 1910 in Hastings, Nebraska. Death: 8 Jun 1984 in Scripps Memorial Hospital,La Jolla,San Diego Co.,California

  5. Marie Alicia Kealy: Birth: 4 Jan 1912 in Hastings,Nebraska. Death: 7 Apr 2004 in Hastings,Nebraska

  6. Josephine Helen Kealy: Birth: 18 Jan 1915 in Hastings,Nebraska. Death: 10 Mar 1987 in Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital,Hastings, Nebraska

  7. Loretta Jane Kealy: Birth: 14 Feb 1917 in Hastings,Nebraska. Death: 9 Feb 1992 in Good Samitan Village Perkins Pavilion,Hastings, Nebraska

  8. Alice Eileen Kealy: Birth: 29 Nov 1918 in Hastings,Nebraska. Death: 10 Aug 2005 in Malibu, California

  9. Daniel Francis ``Dan'' Kealy: Birth: 13 Dec 1920 in Hastings,Nebraska. Death: 16 Dec 1990 in Scottsdale,Maricopa Co.,Arizona

  10. Patricia Jeanette ``Pat'' Kealy: Birth: 14 Jun 1923 in Hastings,Nebraska. Death: 5 Nov 1998 in Kootenai Medical Center,Coeur d'Alene,Idaho

  11. Mary Helen Kealy: Birth: 15 Aug 1926 in Hastings,Nebraska. Death: 2 Mar 2013 in Hastings,Nebraska

1. Title:   The Kealy Family of Hastings, NE
Source:   kb
Author:   Margaret (Kealy) Maher and Loretta Kealy
2. Title:   Frank Kealy Dies Sunday
Source:   frank-kealy-obit

a. Note:   Biographical Information by Dennis Nicklaus: !Frank (as he is almost always known) enlisted in the US Army during
 the Spanish American war in 1898. He was a corporal in the
 3rd Nebraska Regiment, Company K.
 The battles were all over by the time the regiment was completely
 assembled. But they were sent to Havana, Cuba and arrived there
 in January of 1899 where they served on patrol duty and ceremonial occasions.
 Frank is quoted in an article about this history and the experience
 in camp in Florida before being sent to Cuba, as follows:
 John (``Frank'') Kealy (Dr. Donovan B. Foote's father-in law) later
 reflected on conditions he experienced while stationed in Florida:
 ``Our camps were laid out with the row of company cook tents (no fly
 screens) next to the open latrines and we sat around there in the sand
 to eat whatever was dished up to us with one hand while using the
 other to brush flies. Even after a lot of deaths from typhoid,
 dysentery, etc. there was nothing done about it. One morning nine men
 in our company was all that could stand up in line to answer roll
 call.'' Company K was fortunate to have no fatalities in Florida since
 5,000 of the 5,400 American deaths in the war were caused by disease.
 Frank's Kealy construction company built St. Mark's Cathedral
 in Hastings. He founded the company in 1910.
 For more details, see
 Some of Frank's children put together a booklet listing most of his
 descendents and relatives in 1980. As of 1980, they counted
 30 grandchildren (18 boys, 12 girls) and 36 great-grandchildren
 (13 boys, 23 girls) of Frank and Addie Kealy. I have very little
 information on the family after that 1980 date.
 In May of 1955, Frank and Adeline were awarded the medal Pro
 Ecclesia et Pontifice from Pope Pius XII, presented by the Bishop,
 in recognition of their services ``for the Pope and Church.''
 \image{photo/lawler/}{Frank and Addie (Mitchell) Kealy, married Sept. 15, 1903}{kealyfrad-pic}{2in}
 \imwide{photo/lawler/}{Frank and Addie (Mitchell) Kealy and their children. Back row, L to R: Florence (Miller), Josephine, Dick, (Msgr.) Thomas, Marie (Foote), Margaret (Maher). Front: Eileen, Danny, Mary Ellen, Patricia, Loretta}{kealyfradkids-pic}{2.5in}
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